10/06/2013 · Newsletter IV

Newsletter IV
This is the 4th Newsletter written by the Icelandic Partner WorldWide Friends (WF).

We can see the following information in it:

1- about tthe Project and the Partners.
2- about the 4th Transnational Session.
3- about the dissemination activities done during the Project.
4- about the rural areas in...

21/03/2013 · Newsletter III

Newsletter III
This is the 3th Newsletter prepared by the Romanian Partner AEPMDD - Lifelong Learning Association for Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development.

In this newsletter we can find information about:

1- the Transnational Session III which took place in TRYAVNA, BULGARIA.
2- The visit to the Bulgarka N...

16/11/2012 · Newsletter II

Newsletter II

Second informative Newsletter prepared by the Estonian partner SIKSALI Development Centre where we can find information about:

1. The Project and its objectives.
2. Information about the Transnational Session II in Island(Reykjavik).
3. Different dissemination actions carried out by the partners.
4. the P...

08/05/2012 · Newsletter I

Newsletter I

First informative Newsletter done by the Promoter Espazo Ensina where we can find information about the proyect, diferent activities, developed until now and some news related to the Project theme.

The information contained in this newsletter is as follows:
1. the Project and its objectives..
2. Information abo...

29/02/2012 · Transnational Session I

Transnational Session I
First Transnational Session which took place in Nigran (Spain, Promoter's Country) and where the following themes were explained and discussed:
1. Partners and entities presentations.
2- Presentation of the ECONAT project. Planning and coordination of activities and distribution of tasks between the partners.
3-Presentation of ...
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