Natura-Net Project

What was Natura-Net?

The Directive 92/43/EEC regarding the Conservation of Natural Habitats and Wild Fauna and Flora, proposes the creation of a European ecological network of "Special Areas of Conservation", named “NATURA 2000 NETWORK”. The objective of this network is to contribute to the biological diversity's up keeping, by means of conservation of the natural habitats and wild flora and fauna, considered as a Community interest within sustainable development.

The Natura-Net project, with a total duration of 24 months, was divided in 4 phases:
I. Starting-up the project (01/10/06 – 30/11/07)
II. Elaborating the working tools (01/02/07 – 30/11/07)
III. Testing and validating (01/12/07 – 30/05/08)
IV. Project's evaluation and valorisation (01/06/08 – 30/09/08)
It intended to create a new training itinerary and a new qualification related to the Management of Natura 2000 Network, and had the following objectives:
1. To develop an integral training system, qualification, follow-up, continuous training and employment creation by means of implements that promote the transparency of qualifications at a European level.
2. To design, test and validate a universal, innovative and multidisciplinary training system.
3. To include in the training system all the potentialities of Natura 2000 Network.
4. To promote the transparency of the New Qualification and to achieve the official recognition and accreditation of the training itinerary at national and regional level.
5. To organize a pilot course for a final validation of the project.
6. To design a method that facilitates the access of rural women and young people to the NTIC.

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