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    21 de mayo Día europeo de la Red Natura 2000
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    Curso Piloto. 27-31 mayo 2013. NICHOS DE EMPLEO RED NATURA 2000

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    RED NATURA 2000 - Red ecológica europea de áreas de conservación de la biodiversidad.

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Celebration of the 2012 Humid Areas World Day.

The mayor of Nigrán Alberto Valverde, introduced in a press meeting today the planned activities for the world day humid areas. Different people related to the council and the sector took part in this event, people such as: the Councilor of education Ana Rosa Costas; the Councilor of Tourism, Culture and sports Liliana Silva; the Projects Logistics director Angel Rajó and the specialist in Biology and environmental activities Miguel Fernandez.
Next Saturday 4th of February, the Nigrán Town Hall through the Councilor of Environment, will be organizing a dissemination action between 11:00 and 13:00 to celebrate the 2012 Humid Areas World Day. This is to commemorate the date when the Ramsar Convention about Humid Areas was approved, on February 2nd 1971. Since 1997, all the official organizations, Charities and Associations take this date as an opportunity to carry out different activities focused on increasing people’s environmental awareness towards the values of the humid areas and the general benefits they offer to us.
This year 2012, Nigrán Town Hall wants to take part on this activity by organizing a guided visit to Nigrán’s sand dunes. This visit will be leaded by biologists and environmental experts. It will start in the old tram station, next to the children’s park in La Ramallosa. On this tour, addressed mainly to the families by being free of charge, as many people as want can take part (with no age limit). Also a range of workshops from 4 to 14 years old children have been organized. The young participants will be rewarded with a book about environmental topics.
The different actions will take place in the Natura 2000 Network area La Ramallosa and the participants will be rewarded with a guide-map of the area and a notebook with information about the area environment.
The Nigrán Town Hall, through the Councilor of education, has invited all the students belonging to Nigrán’s primary and secondary schools, who can be accompanied by their families. “The Humid Areas World Day is a great opportunity for Nigran’s children to get to know from the experts, the Foz Estuary’s richness, its flora and fauna and the importance of looking after it and keep it in the best conditions for their children” said Alberto Valverde.

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