Dissemination & Publicity

The different actions carried out by the partners have been as follow:

  1. Signing of adhesion letters with different public entities.
  2. Presentations in Primary and Secondary Schools , Languages academies , Young Entrepreneurs Associations and local Town Halls.
  3. Links of the project website to the partners different websites and other webs related to the project theme.
  4. Sending newsletters of the project to stakeholders, including online discussion groups.
  5. Dissemination in national and international conferences and events.
  6. Publicity in local newspapers and news of different events related to the project.
  7. 30 hours of the Pilot Course (testing action).
  8. Information o f the ECONAT project has been included on the leaflet of the organizations which are distributed in different national and international events.
  9. Edition of a Brochure containing information about the project and its objectives.
  10. Different videos giving evidence of the project have been recorded and used as publicity in different local news.